1. Up-to-date Information

The National Home Builders’ Magazine as well as periodic national, provincial and local newsletters provide members with current news, ideas, suggestions, surveys, statistics and technical information that have proven of great value.

2. Training and Education

Operating a business with a sound economic structure requires constant alertness. Proper cost accounting, estimating, overhead and reasonable profit margins must be understood. The Atlantic Home Builders’ Training Board, the Atlantic New Home Warranty Program and the Energy Efficiency Programs, all provide education and training seminars and workshops on many aspects of the home building industry. 

3. Government Liaison

The Home Builders’ Association is the voice of the residential home-building industry to the municipal, provincial and federal governments. Many direct benefits have been realized through the cooperation of governments with CHBA Committees. These could not be realized by individual members standing alone. 

4. Building Standards

GMHBA through the CHBA Research Committee and the National Research Council is constantly working on revisions of Building Standards that apply to the construction and performance of materials and products used in the Home Building Industry.

5. Emergency Problems

When lightning strikes, prompt action is demanded. Only through a well organized Association can problems be met at once, with positive action. GMHBA acts in this “insurance capacity for its members. A central office and its staff are available to you; at all times.

6. Promotion and Public Relations

Ours is an organized industry with tremendous growth potential. GMHBA has the means to inform customers and the general public of the advantages of dealing with members of this Association. Signs, brochures, and a membership directory are available for members. The National New Homes Month and Renovation Month provide a concentrated effort to co-operate in an all-out campaign of advertising and promotion of the Home Building Industry.

7. National and Provincial Conventions

The annual Convention of the Association is recognized as one of the finest in the nation. It allows Home Builders the opportunity to take “refresher courses” to improve their business, inspect the new materials and techniques displayed by Canadian and American manufacturers and listen to housing experts discuss the current problems and market trends.

8. Canadian Mortgage and Housing Corporation (CHMC) Liaison

The Canadian HBA has an active Liaison Committee which meets regularly with CMHC to discuss problems directly affecting your work. And they get answers – because CMHC knows they’re working with an organization that wants to get things done co-operatively. Also, CMHC is active at the local level to ensure good relations at all levels of the Association.

9. Member Meetings

The regular member meetings and other social gatherings of GMHBA provide unexcelled opportunities for members to exchange “pain points”, hear about other people’s issues, and benefit from each other’s experiences. Suppliers and subcontractor members have the opportunity to become familiar with the problems and needs of their customers – the builders – and so learn how to serve them better.

10. The Greater Moncton Home Show

The Greater Moncton Home Show is organized by GMHBA and offers discounts to participating members to promote all aspects of the Home Building Industry to the Home Buying Public. It promotes the services of the Home Building Professionals in our area, each spring, just at the beginning of the building season.