If you are going with a newly built home, or making a home or yard improvements and you are concerned about making the right choice and getting the quality and service you want, look to the members of the Greater Moncton Home Builders’ Association. All members of the GMHBA have agreed to uphold professional standards in the products and services they offer. In order to qualify for membership, businesses must first agree to abide by our Code of Ethics. Members also go through a screening process and are subject to a one-year probationary period.

Qualified Professional Builders

In addition to meeting the criteria above, many of the builder members of the GMHBA is professionally qualified through completion of the Certified Professional Home Builder Program (Master Builder Designation or Certification). Every builder member must also be a member of a third party new home warranty program – which provides protection to the consumer. As a minimum, this generally includes deposit insurance and protection against defects in work and materials as well as major structural defects. Our provincial association including all locals found warranty to be so important, that they have mandated all member home builders to be a member of a third party new home warranty program.

Homebuilder members also have access to all kinds of research and information related to home building, and can keep up to date on technological advances, regulations, products and materials, and financing and design. This means that they have the know-how to provide the home buyer with the latest and the best in the marketplace. Building a new home also takes teamwork and the skill and expertise of many suppliers and trades. Members have access to a network of professionals within the industry. In addition, many of the builder members of the GMHBA are Energy Star Certified Builders. This means that they are trained and licensed to build Energy Star qualified homes.

Qualified Professional Renovators

If you are planning on making home improvements and are looking to find a professional renovator, the Canadian Home Builders’ Association of New Brunswick (CHBA-NB) in collaboration with Greater Moncton Home Builders’ Association has implemented the RenoMark™ Program. RenoMark™ members have agreed to abide by the professional standards laid out in the RenoMark™ Code of Conduct such as: providing a detailed written contract for all jobs; offering a two year warranty on all work; having coverage for workplace safety and employers’ liability; carrying a $2 million liability insurance; and maintaining a professional level of knowledge on current building codes and permits, just to name a few.